Vegas Open 2014
Vegas Open 2014
Event Dates: 5/23/2014 - 5/25/2014
Registration: Online Registration Is Disabled
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Found 90 unique players filling 94 roster positions Event Participants
Participant NameRoleOrganization NameDivision NameTeam Name
Naj Alavi Player-3.0
Steve Allwood Player-Open
David Andes Player-4.0
Imran Anwar Player-4.0
Viktor Berg Player-Open
Carl Bezuidenhout Player-4.5
Mario Blaise Player-2.5
Adin Boldur Player-3.0
Brad Bona Player-5.0
Allen Bracken Player-4.0
Craig Broadsky Player-2.5
Aaron Brodsky Player-2.5
Gregg Carlson Player-4.0
Derek Carnell Player-5.0
Juan Caro Player-4.5
Eddie Cervantes Player-3.0
Leo Chester Player-3.5
Leo Chester Player-4.0
Leo Chester Player-4.5
Todd Christianson Player-Open
Adam Coleman Player-3.5
Hans Decrop Player-3.5
TJ Farrell Player-3.5
David Foley Player-4.0
Dennis Forsman Player-4.0
Evan Freudenberger Player-3.0
Adam Garner Player-4.0
Adam Garner Player-4.5
Robert Geiger Player-5.0
Sean Goudelock Player-3.0
Nathalie Hall Player-2.5
Scott Hall Player-4.0
Gary John Player-Open
Vivek Kaira Player-Open
Eshran Kalra Player-Junior
Riya Kalra Player-3.5
Khan Kamran Player-4.0
Prakash Khandekar Player-4.0
Shashank Khandekar Player-4.5
Bruce Knapik Player-3.5
Deena Knox Player-2.5
Lee Knox Player-3.0
Balazs Kovary Player-4.5
Sarfraz Kurshid Player-5.0
Alex Kwok Player-Junior
Christopher Kwok Player-Junior
James Kwok Player-Junior
Jonathan Kwok Player-Junior
Jordan Lannone Player-5.0
David Lecomte Player-4.5
Wayne Lindsay Player-4.0
James Lopez Player-4.0
Edwin Mac Donald Player-2.5
Marvin Maile Player-4.0
Mir Majeed Player-4.0
Jason Marquardt Player-5.0
Louis Martin Player-3.0
Jordanna Mersha Player-Junior
Pusateri Mike Player-4.5
Jesse D Molina, Jr Player-4.0
John R. Molina Player-5.0
Brook Morrow Player-3.5
Lance Morrow Player-Junior
Tran My Player-4.0
Esa Naukkarinen Player-Open
Larry Newman Player-4.0
Rick Norman Player-3.5
Jade Oler Player-4.0
Gamze Ozogul Player-2.5
Neville Pokroy Player-3.5
Daniyal Qazi Player-Junior
Rizwan Qazi Player-4.0
Eric Reifschneider Player-4.0
Julie Rizov Player-3.0
Paul Roberts Player-Open
Lako Salaiz Player-Open
Chas Sargeant Player-4.0
Don Sheer Player-4.5
Chris Sheerin Player-3.5
Teddy Shipley Player-5.0
Michael Shohet Player-4.0
Amir Shuja Player-4.0
Jonathan Siegel Player-Open
Neil Taylor Player-4.0
Adam Terheege Player-Open
Aaron Vincent Player-3.5
Ed Waldner Player-3.0
Ed Waldner Player-4.0
Wally West Player-3.0
Dawson White Player-3.0
Paul Whitten Player-4.5
Will Williams Player-3.5
Vince Yang Player-3.5
Eric Zwieg Player-3.0
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